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Art - Dakurozu17
Story - figuring out right now
Hello little tea cups!
So this journal holds info for two competitions, one for artists and one for writers! Two competitions means two 1st place winners! You may enter both competitions if you'd like, although I will not let the same person win both competitions! 
First Place Winners (one for each contest) - 100Points and a huge shoutout!
All Participants - I will check out all of your works and give you a shout out and some points (if I have any left over)!
Must be watching me! New watchers are welcomed but do not unwatch me as soon as this is over (rudeNOT amused)!
Favorite this journal! Feel free to unfavorite it when this is over  :wave:  
Share this journal and expl
:icontherealzombiehatter:TheRealZombieHatter 96 120
dA I.D. - Oh Look, advertising. by SweetheartedSadist dA I.D. - Oh Look, advertising. :iconsweetheartedsadist:SweetheartedSadist 111 28 My loki drawing by Demonwolf1000 My loki drawing :icondemonwolf1000:Demonwolf1000 3 4
Roomies? LokixReader FanFic pt1
“LET ME GO!” You screamed, throwing your head back. Captain America cringed as your skull connected with the iron man suit’s jaw.
Loki turned his head. He had been lying on his back on the ground floor of the cell, his hands crossed on his stomach. He furrowed his brows at the sight of Iron Man pushing a girl into the room, flanked by Captain America and Thor.
Tony yanked your wrists, pulling your arms tighter behind your back. “Quick!” He screamed, his voice coming out in the metallic tenor of the iron man suit. “Open the door!” He continued forcing you toward the cell, while you thrashed and kicked violently. Captain America jumped ahead of him, to the console that controlled the cell.
“LET ME GO!” You screamed again, bending your leg at a sharp angle, your foot echoing off of the metal between the Iron Man’s legs.
Thor looked between the cell and you.  Loki smirked at him, turning and sitting crisscross, watching the s
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 164 61
Elevator Confessions (Loki X Reader)
Stuck in an elevator with the God Of Mischief, what could go wrong?
Loki groaned again as your phone battery died. "Your Misgardian contraptions distress me" He mumbled, a pout plastered on his face. "Well suck it up, because we are stu- hey give me back my licorice!" You yelled at the green-eyed beauty as his hand slipped from you back pack. You put you hand out, only for a wrapper to be placed in your palm.
You groaned in frustration. You hated Loki, he was deceiving, arrogant, cruel, and drop dead gorgeous. Wait you're supposed to hate him.
Out of boredom you began to hum an upbeat tune, smiling when you noticed the god swaying back and forth. So you decided to kick it up a notch.
"Sometimes I hate every single stupid word you say, sometimes I wanna slap you and your whole face" you sang. Loki's foot began to tap subconsciously.
"There's no one quite like you
You push all my buttons down
I know life would suck without you" you and Loki were both swaying back and forth now.
"At the s
:iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 1,023 199
Spark Light - Loki x Reader

Tendrils of smoke rose from the lab room.
One would think Tony or Bruce caused this explosion. Nope. It was you.
“Holy sh*t!.... Awesome!” Tony exclaimed.
“Ahaha! Woo~! That was the biggest one yet! High five!” You agreed.
*A high five commences*
“I swear if you both do that again the other guy will not be as patient!” Bruce bellowed turning slightly green.
You giggled behind your hand. “Don’t get so worked up Bruce! Tony and I are only messing around”
Tony nodded and leisurely put an arm around Bruce. “Yeah try to live a little, science buddy”
Bruce shook Tony off of him. “Don’t science buddy me” He turned to you. “_____ remind me why you hang out with this guy?”
“Hey!” Tony said a bit hurt.
You replied, “Cause it’s fun to mess with you Bruce~” A spark of light (not like a star, just a ball of light) erupted
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 386 103
'I said fight me!' by Astra-Phantom5654 'I said fight me!' :iconastra-phantom5654:Astra-Phantom5654 6 2
Observers- BBC Sherlock x Reader Chpt. 13
You stood in the kitchen of your flat, staring at the mug again. With some difficulty you had convinced John to let you go so you could change out of your party outfit and now you were trying to decide if you felt well enough to eat something.
Or you had been until you saw the mug on the counter where you’d left it.
You had on a comfortable pair of jeans and one of John’s hand-me-down jumpers from a while back, leaning against the wall opposite the counter as you tried to think for a minute. A weight had been lifted off your shoulders when you’d finally told John but it had dredged up old memories not to mention you were still angry at Sherlock over the whole mug thing.
You sunk down to the floor tucking your arms between your chest and your bent knees so you could cover your face with your hands and let out a long heavy sigh, turning your thoughts back to the food vs. no food debate. You sat there for a bit before there was a knock on your door and, not wanting to ge
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 244 60
GermanyxReader: Uninvited Guest
  'Pssh- Stupid England, leaving a beautiful nation like _______ alone in the middle of a winter's night!' You thought angrily as you walked along the sidewalks of a neighborhood you've known so well.
  It was freezing cold and the snow that had started falling earlier picked up and armed with only a thin winter's coat, you scurried down the hushed street. You were a small nation which neighbored close to Iceland but you would find yourself seeking more interested in the European nations which had taken to you as well. All but one.
  Germany held some sort of agression towards you, probably because you always loved bothering him. Mainly, you just loved to be around him. But your constant bickering and visiting univited had caused him to ignore you.
  This is the street you were was his street. You didn't have any friends to turn to, so this was second to none. Quickly stepping up to the door, you knocked. No reply. You tried knocking once
:iconmikmik121:mikmik121 317 126
GermanyxReader: Christmas Party
Christmas Party

You pace around your living room, running your fingers through your hair. "What am I going to get him! Think (Name) think!" It was only days from Christmas, and you still hadn't found a gift for your best friend (and long time crush) Germany. "The stores are all out of things I could give him. Oh God, what am I going to do!"
You heard a knock on your door and you ran over. When you opened, you saw the Italian man you had invited. "Italy!"
"Ciao, bella! Why did you- whoa!" You pulled the man in and put your hands on his shoulders, looking him dead in his eyes.
"Italy. I need a gift for Germany. Now!"
"Is that-a what this is all about? Bella, calm down. I know exactly what you can give him!"
"I swear Italy, if you tell me to give him pasta…."
"Oh… well, we can think of something else."
You flopped down onto your couch and curled into a ball. "Italy, what am I going to do. He's my best friend and I can't find anything for him." You looked up
:iconcrazy-83:Crazy-83 134 37
Dog!Germany x Reader
Your (e/c) eyes wandered around the pet store filled with excitement. Today was the day you were going to buy your own pet. Lately after your parents death you started to feel lonely so here you where, wondering what kind of animal you should get to keep you company.
You walked around for what felt like hours until something caught your eye. You went closer and noticed it was a brown and black german shepard. You stretched out your hand to pat his head, it was really soft.
"You like him?"You turned and saw your friend Elisabeta standing there with a smile.
"Hi Liz, when did you get here?" You asked.
"I just came, I work part- time here." Liz answered.
"So you want Ludwig? He seems to like you" Liz asked.
You took a look at Ludwig, could you really take care of him? What you had heard a dog needed much attention and love, could you offer that?
"Yeah, I'll buy him" You said. You paid for Ludwig and got out from the store.
"Listen now Ludwig, you gonna have to do what I say okay?" You sai
:iconanimelover3801:AnimeLover3801 1,210 274
FrancexReader ~ I don't blush!
Tying up your hair into a messy bun, you checked yourself one last time in the mirror before running downstairs to the ringing doorbell. It was Saturday night and having nothing else important to do, you invited some friends over. Originally, Antonio, Gilbert and Francis should have all been here tonight.
But Lovino somehow got sick and Toni preferred staying home in order to take care of his rising fever. And as for Gilbert, you figured he had more important things to do since he didn't mention why he wasn't going to show up.
So tonight, it was just you and Francis. He said something about refusing to leave such a gorgeous girl alone on a Saturday evening.
Typical Francis.
You giggled to yourself, skipping towards your front door. Grabbing the doorknob, you opened it swiftly to reveal a grinning Frenchman holding a large bouquet of (fave flowers).
"Bonsoir, ma belle! Regarde, je vous ai apporté des fleurs! Vous les aimez?"
You gladly took the bouquet while rising
:iconsherlockedhazza:SherlockedHazza 1,186 471
FrancexReader Door of Pictures
Door of Pictures
They say that bad things happen in threes. And you could certainly see all three things you had done wrong.
You should have never agreed to go to the party with Elizabeta.
You should have never accepted the bottle of beer Alfred gave you.
And You should have never let your drunk, best friend Francis get you alone.
When you had both woken up the next morning and realized what happened, things became extremely awkward. Then you had both agreed that maybe it was better if you weren't friends anymore.
Not that you wanted that. You were upset about losing your best friend. Angry for being so stupid.
And then you were even more pissed at yourself. Because you were pregnant. How were you supposed to do this on your own?
You told no one. Not even Elizabeta, who felt guilty about the whole ordeal. It was your fault, your problem. But you could only hide the fact for so long. Baggy clothes only covered so much.
:iconostara-frost:Ostara-Frost 299 132
Temptations ~ 2P!Canada x Reader ~ *REQUEST*
2P!Canada x Reader
                |––– Begin. –––|
            He has always been a grumpy asocial.
             It was hardwired into his DNA, and he knew it too. Matt Williams didn’t mind at all in
fact, he liked to steer away from the crowd. Less drama, less tears.
            Not that he would shed any, anyway.
             Matt would just stroll through life, never giving a damn about others, only his family, and friends (if you could call them that) at rare times.
             Then you waltzed into his life, a confident smile adorning your face, bright [e/c] eyes that made him melt, and a personality that could outshine any other.
              You were like the sun perhaps, tempting to tou
:iconi-am-fandom-trash:I-Am-Fandom-Trash 320 45
America x Chunky!Reader -On the Inside-
You never did understand why anyone, let alone, someone as handsome and active as Alfred F. Jones would ever hang around someone like you, the complete opposite of the kinds of girls guys like him hung out with: self-conscious, plain, and a little on the chubby side.
Oh, who were you kidding? You weren’t just a little chubby; in your mind, you were basically a walking muffin or a blueberry or even a blueberry muffin altogether. “A little chubby” didn’t do your size any justice. It didn’t even help that when you had tried to improve your weight in the past, it never did any good. You had already given up on becoming stick-skinny.
Even so, Alfred still stuck around whenever he could, making sure the two of you got some time alone and away from those name-calling classmates of yours.
“So, _____________, what do you want today?” he asked once the two of you were out of school.
You shrugged and continued walking. You didn’t really like it when
:iconteralgeo:TeralGeo 283 49
America XChubby Reader~ Cute and Cuddly
Cute and Cuddly
I couldn't go to sleep so  I picked one with America XD
"Jones likes me…" you said not believing it. Alfred Jones was an All American boy. You were just a chubby girl who was into anime, games, movies, music, world history, and cooking. Some would freak out on her if this was true  like the head cheerleader. She'd make your life worst then it is now. You would say hell is a paradise after she's through with you.
"Really ______! He likes you! You are the girl next door to him. He says you're perfect." Lilli said smiling she was so cute she was one weakness to you.
"But I don't know him and don't tell me things about him. It will make me feel creepy." If learned anything about people it was by talking to them and your friends knew this and took it as a chance. "Then go talk to him or we will." Elizabeth said as you groaned.
"What should I ask him if he wants to hang out and play video ga
:icondemonjem:DemonJem 350 52



Rain new OC
well rain is a robot wolf and i felt like makeing her XD
sorry i haven't been posting at all iv been very sick and was stuck the in hospital for a while something with my lungs but im almost all better i just have to get my heart tested for something idk yet because i had to go to the hospital again a few days ago for a severe allergic reaction to peppers -_- so yeah ill be posting soon byeeeeeeeeeee~
  • Watching: hetalia
sorry i haven't been posting i broke my hand DX



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

sorry i haven't been posting at all iv been very sick and was stuck the in hospital for a while something with my lungs but im almost all better i just have to get my heart tested for something idk yet because i had to go to the hospital again a few days ago for a severe allergic reaction to peppers -_- so yeah ill be posting soon byeeeeeeeeeee~
  • Watching: hetalia


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Hallo im from germany now living in the U.S and i do art and cosplay


Wolf head profiles
i just want to do some art work


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